Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Anti-Slip Coating for your Floor


TM Linemarking Ltd offer a comprehensive portfolio of Anti-Slip products to create safe surfaces in hazardous areas for Pedestrian and Vehicular traffic in both the external & Internal environments.

Our product applications come in a variety of textures, wear- resistance and colours allowing you to create defined areas for different uses. These include Anti-slip paint containing micro aggregates to 2 pack resin based products.

For vehicular use:

Our products can be used to create Anti-Slip pads on ramps and roadways to allow additional grip to vehicles in wet and icy conditions, areas where vehicles cross from external to internal areas, vehicle charging areas where discharge may be present, car parking bays to allowing safe access to vehicles.

For Pedestrian use:

Our products can be used to create Anti-Slip solid walkways and crossings panels allowing safe pedestrian access, these can be created in different colours to stand out in hazardous areas.