Car Parking

Line Marking for your Car Park

TM Linemarking Ltd offer a comprehensive portfolio for your Car Park line marking requirements, from Surface preparation to product application, in both the Internal & External Environment.

Our applications can create Safe Car Parking environment, where pedestrian & vehicle traffic are kept apart. This can be achieved by: Clearly marked parking areas, Disabled & dedicated parking areas, Safety walkways for pedestrian traffic, road markings to lessen directional confusion, road crossing areas, etc. All these different applications can be created by using the many products in our portfolio.

Our anti-slip products can be applied for numerous applications, including, Safety Walkways, ramps to allow grip in wet & icy conditions, etc

We offer signage installation to enhance our line marking applications.

We offer a consultancy service to design unique warehousing layouts for your specific requirements.

  • Surface Preparation:
    Surface preparation can include mechanical removal of existing floor coatings and linage, moss & other ground contaminants. Deep clean options to remove oil and grease prior to product application are also available.

  • Products:
    We provide a comprehensive product range which includes slip resistant coatings, 2 pack polyurethane, 1 pack epoxy resins, chlorinated rubberised floor coating, thermoplastic and MMA. These come in many different colours & can be used for multiple applications to create your required layouts.

  • Applications:
    Our products can be used for many applications including safety walkways, safety floor signage, crossing panels, roadways with markings (Dept. Transport Chapter 5 Compatible), Car & disabled parking bays, hatched areas, lettering and numerical digits.