Line Marking for your Workshops

TM Linemarking Ltd offer a comprehensive portfolio for your Workshop Floor marking requirements, from Surface preparation to product application, in both the Internal & External Environment. Our applications can create a Safe working environment within your Workshop or Garage. This can be achieved by: Clearly marked Pit & Equipment areas, Safety walkways for pedestrian traffic, Contrasting floor colours for identifying different work areas & Anti-Slip surfaces where vehicle move from External to Internal environments. All these different applications can be created by using the many products in our portfolio. Our anti-slip products can be applied for numerous applications, including, around the top of Vehicle pit areas to apply additional grip where liquid discharge may be present, Safety Walkways, ramps & access areas to allow grip in wet & icy conditions, etc Our surface preparation process using diamond grinding can remove many contaminates creating a clean dry surface to apply our products. This process can also remove existing floor lineage & coatings to create a smooth surface to apply new products. We offer a consultancy service to design unique warehousing layouts for your specific requirements.