Internal Removal

Surface Preparation for your Line Marking

TM Linemarking Ltd offer a comprehensive surface preparation service for all your line marking requirements, in both an Internal or External environment giving longevity to new product applications.

Removal of existing coatings, moss, grease, oil & other surface contaminants can be achieved using mechanical solutions.

  • Diamond Cutting:
    Diamond Cutting technology is used to remove existing surface coatings and markings, contaminates and to prepare surfaces for product application. Diamond Cutting uses different grade cutting wheels (dependent on Surface type) to leave a smooth even surface. Heavy duty dust extraction units are used in conjunction with Grinders to remove and minimise any airborne particle created during surface preparation operations. Diamond Cutting cleans surfaces so colour variations may be present for a while.
  • Mechanical Sweeping:
    Mechanical Sweeping technology is used mostly in the external environment to remove weeds and moss from block paving, sport surfaces, tarmac and concrete surfaces. The mechanical Sweeping unit uses motorised brushes in different rotary functions to deep clean surfaces by accessing hard to reach areas.
  • Scarifying:
    Scrabbling Technolgy is used to remove thermo plastic, paint and other surface coatings from concrete surfaces. Mostly used externally, scrabbling uses motorised Flails to remove unwanted coatings leaving surfaces clean and ready for new applications. Scrabbling can also be used for removing concrete laitance, leaving a solid surface to work on.
  • Deep Cleaning:
    TM Linemarking Ltd can offer a wide choice of area Deep Cleaning services. Deep cleaning can be used to remove oil, grease, chewing gum and other contaminates prior to surface preparation or product applications. Mechanical scrubbing units are used along with environmental friendly safe chemicals and water to clean surfaces.